The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions

Discover Our School's Key Highlights


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We offer the opportunity to all students, irrespective of their walk of life. The evils of society are fought well with the practice of diversity, equality and inclusion of all sections of society with respect, love and appreciation.

Overall Health Initiative

We practice the best health program that helps us avoid infections or morbid health conditions and promotes mental and emotional well-being. Our health advisory appoints recommended techniques for catering to students' needs.

Advanced Curriculum

We bring the latest curriculum for our students- The Central Board of Secondary Education's National Education Policy 2020. We realise the importance of holistic development, which is internationally supported.

360-degree Student Growth

Every student deserves a chance to excel at what they're best at. Our multidisciplinary courses allow every learner to choose, try and select their inner calling based on their experience. For us, our success counts when each student of a batch reaches their best efficiency.

Positive & Critical Thinking

Our students are crucial wheels of tomorrow's fight for a better planet. Positive & critical thinking in the face of a challenge is a tool we try for each student to acquire during their tenure in this institution.

Teacher Enrichment Program

Our teachers are often trained by the best brains in the industry to help students learn industrial knowledge. This helps us bridge the skill gap and put our students ahead of the competition.

International Platform Planning

Our curriculum is advantageous in many spectrums, which includes the intervention of International Academic Policies. Our students attain a degree of education that is respected in colleges around the globe. Their platter for choosing a college is open & vast.