The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions

Message from our Leaders

A Letter from Our Principal

Dear Parents,

We set on an endeavour that pilots steadily into the future. This future looks promising for each of our students. I am pleased to become a part of this journey that leads each soul towards its destination.

As the principal of this school, I promise to be conscious, empathetic and considerate at all times. To abide by this promise, I am supported by the knowledgeable staff that encourages me to take part in challenging scenarios only to come out victorious as a team of educators.

This school laid on the value of selflessness. And we believe when we give, we receive in abundance. This is why each corner of this school reflects positivity and a forward-thinking ideology. This is the only school in Sivakasi that brings transformational pedagogy into action. Our experiential learning methodology enables the innate features of each student and helps them to choose a career in life that is natural to their abilities.

Thank you for showing interest in Sivakasi Lions International Institutions. This place is blessed by the best mentorship whose heart is in the ocean of knowledge. Please feel free to connect for an exchange of ideas and thoughts.