The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions

The State of Art Infra:

A Place To Explore & Experience

A modern school boasts a modern infrastructure that fosters a dynamic learning environment. With well-equipped laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and lush green surroundings, it provides students with the best possible resources for academic and personal growth.

A few highlighting features to mention:

Smart Classrooms

Tech Studios

Digital Library


Science Labs

Math Lab

Language Lab

AI Lab

3D Printing Lab


CCTV Campus

Smart IDs


WiFi Campus

Toddler's play area

Safe for all innocent falls as our toddlers' play area is built without sharp metal surfaces.

Splash pool

Swimming is a great way to excel in motor skills, and our splash pool is 100% free from accidents and is under high surveillance by a pool guard and pool CCTV.

Discovery Centre

Great ideas need a discovery room at school! Fully equipped for young minds to explore and learn as they go.

Math Lab

Making math a friend with fun activities planned in the math lab for all grades. Overcome the fear of numbers in the most effective way!

Language Lab

Being vocal about our ideas needs the right words. Our teachers at the language lab help extroverts & introverts with the right communication technique.


Installed with great authors and their marvellous work, our library is a place to find deep seeded answers. We support eBooks and publications available under a wise librarian's guidance.

Computer Lab

I.T. skills are a necessity in today's time. We promote the right and appropriate use of technology that helps students to develop I.T. knowledge.

Science Labs

We support STEAM education and promote the use of science labs for experiencing phenomena that might get complex in books but are easy and interesting when performed in the lab.


Our newly appointed network of buses and vans covers all the nearby areas. The school fleet application monitors them. A guard is always accompanying children during their pickup and drop.


Our infirmary is well supported by the equipment required to attend emergencies. We train our staff, teachers and students to learn C.P.R. techniques and first-aid to become self-sufficient. We're closely associated with hospitals around the premises in case of urgent hospitalisation.